Info Service & Performer Robot 'MERO & FERO'
Elder care robot: cognition training game, portal info(health, horoscope, weather, traffic, etc.) service
Information service robot: Company Ads, service guide in public places
Customer-facing Interaction: auto-creation of situational robot expressions, plenty of facial Expressions, sound localization, user’s face recognition
Dimension 663 (W) x 506.3 (D) x 642.89 (H) mm
Weight about 4 (kg) (excluding the cover & base)
Control Communication RS-232, RS-485
Power 5V, 18V
Sensor MIC: fore 6, back 2/ LED: ear 2(left, right) / Base 4(right-left*fore&back) / Webcam: forehead 1 (no cam in right-left eyes) / FAN: 3 (base1, Neck1, right-left part of Joint-motors)
Degrees of Freedom (DOF) 21 (DOF)
- Face : 17DOF (eyebrow, eyelid, pupil, lip)
(used Motor: : Hitec HS65-HB/HS-125MG)
- Neck: 4DOF (upper neck, lower neck)
+ more
MERO 2.0
* Launched, Oct. 2011
MERO 1.0
* Launched, Dec. 2009
Fr-i, Buddy
* Launched, Oct. 2008