Show Master (MC) Robot 'KIBO'
Walking Humanoid Robot with a face
Effective Human-Robot Interaction: a variety of facial expressions, lip-sync, etc.
User face-location-object recognition, interlocked with external devices
Show host (MC): announcement, sing & dance
Height 120 cm
Weight 43 kg (including the cover)
Foot pace 0.54km/h
Face 16 DOF, more than 10 expressions
Hand 1 DOF, gesture & handshake, grab
Sensor Ceiling Cam: location mark recognition for safe navigation
Front sensor: Ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance Lower cam: rotations on its axis
Battery 30V (removable extra 30V, 2 hours required for full charge), once charged fully, max. 30min. to activate
Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Total 43 | Head 16, Arms 6*2 , Hands 1*2, waist 1, legs 6*2
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KIBO 3.0
* Launced, Oct. 2011
KIBO 2.0
* Launched, Oct. 2008
KIBO 1.0
*Launched, Nov. 2005