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Using the expression simulator: easy production and auto-creation of various expressions
Telepresence Functions
Using the head monitor: tele-presence, sound localization, keyword recognition
Omnidirectional auto-navigation
Interlocked with smart pad & external sensors(kinect, camera)

remote class by native English tutor [Video]
Classroom, friendly Students-Robot Interaction Native teacher, Remote Robot control

features Remote native teacher class using the Avatar Robot ‘ENGKEY’
Real-time control by native teacher
Real-time imitation of the teacher’s expression, lip movements and actions
Curriculum 3times/ 1week
Provided with the specific
Textbook Basic & Intermediate (more than 8 students per class)
effectiveness Address the lack of qualified native teachers in Korea
Improve students’ immersion in the Robotclass by forming a sense of unity between a remote native teacher and the robot in classroom

Robot leading review class [Video]
Song & Chant Role-Playing Word & Sentence Practice Puzzle Games

features Self-access education using the robot intelligence & pre-programmed curriculum
Main tech: variety of robot expressions,auto-navigation and voice-recognition
Curriculum 2times/ 1week, Robot leads Class
- Pronunciation Practice on Word & Sentence
- Song & Chant
- Role-playing
- Puzzle Games on Word & Sentence
Teach more than 8 students using Smart pads
effectiveness Robot delivers review class using its own intelligence
can Reduce the cost of hiring a human teacher
Promote excitement with variety of curricular activities
Provide assistant teachers convenience with systematic learning and automatic record management