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Using the expression simulator: easy production and auto-creation of various expressions
Telepresence Functions
Using the head monitor: tele-presence, sound localization, keyword recognition
Omnidirectional auto-navigation
Interlocked with smart pad & external sensors(kinect, camera)
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Elder care robot: cognition training game, portal info(health, horoscope, weather, traffic, etc.) service
Information service robot: Company Ads, service guide in public places
Customer-facing Interaction: auto-creation of situational robot expressions, plenty of facial Expressions, sound localization, user’s face recognition

Educational robot for nursery children and elementary school children with autism and ADHD
Special education using ENGKEY, tele-type and auto type
Tele type: Interaction with children through remote operation of robot by teacher
Auto type: Programming with special subject curriculum to be used as psychology treatment for children
Use cognitive game program that MERO supplies

Diagnostic evaluation Hazard management Assisting education
Repeat evaluation question via robot (examiner)
Collect reaction of children (examinee) and analyze result
Analyze abnormal behavior record
Arbitrate crisis by robot
Improve concentration
Execute program

Korea: 75,000 under special education / 5.5 students per class
Finland: As of 2008, 8% of full time students are in special education / There has been a continual increase of part time students in special education.

[Source] Statistics Office in Finland 
- During the basic education period, a number of students transferred from ordinary class to special education class, and a number of students take part time special education