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Using the expression simulator: easy production and auto-creation of various expressions
Telepresence Functions
Using the head monitor: tele-presence, sound localization, keyword recognition
Omnidirectional auto-navigation
Interlocked with smart pad & external sensors(kinect, camera)
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Elder care robot: cognition training game, portal info(health, horoscope, weather, traffic, etc.) service
Information service robot: Company Ads, service guide in public places
Customer-facing Interaction: auto-creation of situational robot expressions, plenty of facial Expressions, sound localization, user’s face recognition

Utilize in practical test: robot platform & programming tools provided for integration of the robotics tech

Easy program compilation: using the tools [IRSP], [graphic simulator]

  - anyKode Marilou / Modeling and simulation environment
- Marilou real-time engine / can design robot collision models
- CAD-style editing tools

Simulation Graphic Environment
Intelligent Robot Platform
  - Open Platform for Robot S/W Component Integration
- Various HW, OS, Programming Language (C/C++, Java, Beanshell, Pythons, …)
- Full Life Cycle Tool
Simulation for Robot H/W and S/W
  - R-Station: Open Source Robot Simulator, developed by SNU, KOREA
- Marilou: Commercial Robot Simulator, developed by anyKode, France
  UPnP Builder for UPnP Device Generation and Integration
  Powerful GUI provides User Convenience