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Home errands: set & clear the table, move items, beverage service, etc.
Quick & perfect completion of its mission, free movement of both arms & hands
World-class speed: Arms>12rpm, Mobile base 0.7M/sec , Waist(Elev.&Trans) 0.1M/sec
Obstacle avoidance, Omnidirectional auto-navigation, dependable object & Keywords recognition

Fetching an item from the refrigerator
Brings an requested beverage can from a refrigerator through user voice recognition
Opens & closes the door safely, quickly and precisely
Searches & recognizes the requested beverage inside the disorderly refrigerator
Twice as long as a human performing the same task (world-class speed)
Pouring water & carrying items
Service for pouring a suitable amount water into the cup held by a human
Carries the requested items safely after user voice & command recognition
Achieves mission quickly & precisely through object & environment recognition
Clearing the table
Clears the table after a meal
Dumps leftover food, load and stack a dishwasher
Handles the dishwasher as well as a human