Field Subject Research Manager Research Institution No.
Knowledge-Based Framework for Intelligent Robot Intelligent Robot Architecture Jaeho Lee The University of Seoul 1_1
Knowledge-based System for Robot Intelligence Il Hong Suh Hanyang University 1_2
Intelligent Robot Architecture Jungyun Seo Sogang University 1_3
Creative Infotainment Contents Generation Engine Sungdo Ha KIST 1_4
Human Perception Human behavior analysis and recognition technologies Seong-Whan Lee Korea University 2_1
Face based Person Identification and Intention Recognition Daijin Kim POSTECH 2_2
Auditory technology for intelligent robot Active Audition for Intelligent Robot Choi, Jong Suk KIST 3_1
Conversational Speech Interface Hyung Soon Kim Pusan National University 3_2
Dependable manipulation 3D Object/Environment Recognition and Modeling for Manipulation Sukhan Lee Sungkyunkwan University 4_1
Dependable Manipulation SungChul Kang, Ph.D. KIST 4_2
Intelligent Robot Architecture Frank Chongwoo Park Seoul National University 4_3
Development of electronic skin Jong Ho Kim KRISS, University 4_4
Development of Dexterous Robot Hand Based on ElectroActive Polymer Actuator Hyouk Ryeol Choi Sungkyunkwan University 4_5
Dependable Navigation Vision-based Object Recognition for Environment Perception Sung-Kee Park KIST 5_1
Dependable Navigation Jae-Bok Song Korea University 5_2
Emotion Interaction Emotion Interaction Kwon, Dong Soo KAIST 6_1
Development of a Mechanism for Robot's Facial Expression and Lip Synch. Seung-Jong Kim, Ph.D. KIST 6_2
Platform-Based System Integration System Integration Munsang Kim, Dr.-ing CIR 7_1
General Purpose Hand/Manipulator Dong-chan Lee P&S Mechanics Co., Ltd. 7_2
Development of a power-assisted exoskeletal robot Doyoung Jeon Sogang University 7_3
Dependable Walking Aid Chi Youn Chung IAE 7_4
Vision / Speech SoC Jae Wook Jeon Sungkyunkwan University 7_5
Real-Time Control Architecture Byung Kook Kim KAIST 7_6
Intelligent Architecture Intelligent Robot Software Platform Richard Hong Shinn Bonavision, Inc. 8_1
Robot Middleware Platform Sang Chul Ahn KIST 8_2
Intelligent Robot Architecture Sooyong Park Sogang University 8_3
Clever technology Cold plate for single heat source Seo Yeong Kim KIST 9_1
Intelligent Massage System Kang, chul-goo Konkuk university 9_2
Motion Control algorithm for Humanoid Jong Heon Park Hanyang university 9_3
smart MEMS ear Smart MEMS Ear Seung Seob Lee KAIST 9_4
Soft antenna sensor used optical fiber sensor Jung Ju Lee KAIST 9_5
Electronic Smell based MEMS Jung Hun Lee Seoul national university 9_6
Stereo Radar for robot ranger Seong Chul Hong KAIST 9_7
Design for Intelligent Robot Utility Dong Seok Kang View Design 9_8